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Graduate school of engineering University François Rabelais – Tours – France

Polytech Tours, is the graduate school of engineering of the University of Tours, it is also a member of the Polytech network. The Polytech network is a network of 14 schools of engineering of French universities that graduate each year more than 3,000 engineers. This makes the Polytech network the biggest engineering graduates schools network in France.

Polytech Tours welcomes students after the end of their secondary education in the pre-engineering degree preparatory course in partnership with the faculty of science and technology. After two years, students may choose to continue their studies in one of the 14 graduate schools of the Polytech network in the specialty of their choice according to their academic results.

Polytech Tours offers five engineering specialties:
  • Electrical Energy Systems,
  • Computer Science,
  • Industrial Computing
  • Mechanics and Systems design
  • Urban and Territorial Planning and Environment
These engineering specialties are all based on the research activity of the research units hosted by Polytech Tours. The 80 professors and assistant-professors are also heavily invested in technology transfer platforms with regional, national and international, industry. Finally, the teachers and researchers actively participate in 3 clusters bringing together research organizations, industry and policy makers.

Resolutely internationally oriented, Polytech Tours developed many partnerships to enable its students-engineers to perform a study-abroad semester or an intership. We also develop several actions for foreign students including for English-speaking students: Mundus Program, International program and the second year of a Master Degree (Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Computer aided decision support, Planning and sustainability).

Polytech Tours hosts 270 students in its preparatory course, 850 students in the engineering specialties and 90 students in the PhD course.

The University of Tours is a decisively European university that has established a campaign of actions within the Europe 2020 strategy, aiming to develop “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. Through its higher education and research missions, the University of Tours plays a key role in research, development and in raising the scientific, cultural and professional capacities of as many individuals as possible.

Open to the world, the University of Tours privileges cooperation and exchanges by actively participating in the establishment of the European Higher Education and Research Area that stems from the Bologna Process.

As a multidisciplinary establishment, the university has high potential and assets that ensure it fulfils European higher education and research standards. As an acknowledged leader in its economic, social and cultural environment, the University of Tours is a cutting-edge, innovative establishment promoting humanistic values which are deeply rooted in a region overflowing with history and cultural heritage.

Some figures about Polytech Tours

  • 1,300 engineering students
  • 270 graduates/year
  • 90 PhD students in 4 research labs
  • 95 faculty members and 125 industrial lecturers
  • Mandatory 12-week abroad experience
  • Active partnerships with > 40 foreign universities
  • 150 outgoing students/year
  • 70 incoming students/year
  • 20 outgoing faculty members on Erasmus programs
  • 15 visiting faculty members
  • > 300 international students from 50 countries
  • A high number of active research collaborations.