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In France we understand the importance of research and development at all levels, from the small scale to large companies. We train and encourage our STUDENTS to participate and engage IN this innovative future.

Polytech Tours houses five research teams of Tours University.

  • LI: Computer Science research unit (ERL CNRS)
  • LMR: Mechanic and Rheology research unit 
  • Nanotechnological Axis: micro/nanosystems, integration and support of GREMAN (UMR CNRS)
  • IPA-PE team: Project development/urban planning, landscaping and environment CITERES (UMR CNRS)
  • TEAM 5: Ultrasound and imaging IMR Brain imaging (UMR INSERM)

Each of these research units is internationally recognized. Each organises international conferences and actively participates in formal research projects.  The link between these laboratories and Polytech Tours is an important partnership and exchange opportunity  for the students.
There are around 90 doctoral students,  some of whom are on the CIFRE scholarship. These young professionals encourage and create links between professional networks and the students of Polytech Tours.
Polytech Tours also maintains close ties with local and regional authorities and participates when these authorities are consulting  for territorial or strategic planning processes.
The working relationship between  the doctorates and the graduate school of engineering is an enriching and mutually beneficial. It inspires our students and allows them to have opportunities to participate.
The teachers and researchers of Polytech Tours also participate in other joint research platforms for technology transfert regarding : cutting tools, elastomers microelectronics ans sensoral technologies. Such as: CEROC, CERMEL, CERTEM, CERTESENS and also participate in these activity axis: S2e2, Elastopôle et DREAM.