Designing mechanical systems requires a solid knowledge of mechanics, an in-depth knowledge of materials and their properties and a real understanding of technology.

Students in this course will be able to solve problems that require knowledge of both mechanics and industrial systems. They will learn to design, set up and put into place mechanical systems. They will also learn to lead projects and model mechanical systems by use of appropriate softwares.

These skills are acquired and applied through a combination of practical work and other multi-disciplinary projects carried out in conjunction with industry. Students, as part of the course, will be exposed to the principles of management techniques, issues related to sustainable development and, also, the international nature of their chosen profession.

Located in close proximity to Polytech are two main laboratories that carry out research and development programmes in mechanics and rheology. Nearby, also, are other important research centers: CERMEL, CEROC, CERTESENS. Students may have access to these cutting-edge partner laboratories and, in so doing, gain precious hands-on experience.

Students also have the option of choosing a professional training contract or following specialised training in Elastomers (*IFOCA :The national institute for education and professional training in rubber)

In fifth year as part of their professional training contract, students must choose between four options:

  • Advanced Material Mechanics : large deformation, thermo-mechanics, finite element analysis, fracture of materials
  • Bio-mechanics: Cardiology, orthopaedics, medical instruments and medical imagery, biotechnology
  • Sustainable Design: Life cycle analysis, design and system reliability, resource conservation, sensory design
  • Energy and environment: Energy production, production and cost implementation, environmental impact.

Each semester of 400 hours is divided into five teaching units.

  • Fundamental Mechanics
  • System Design
  • Science for Engineers
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Advanced Mechanics
  • Plastics and Composites


SEMESTER 5  400h  SEMESTER 393h 
Fundamental Mechanics 84h  Fundamental Mechanics 72h 
Applied Mechanics 78h  Applied Mechanics 79h 
Mathematics and Computer Science 80h  Mathematics and Computer Science 80h 
Science of Engineering 80h  Science of Engineering 82h 
Languages & Legal, Human, Economic and Social Sciences 78h  Languages & Legal, Human, Economic and Social Sciences 80h 
    Professional Training:
4 weeks minimum
Fundamental Mechanics 88h  Fundamental Mechanics 89h 
System Design 74h  System Design 89h 
Mathematics and Computer Science 80h  Mathematics and Computer Science 80h 
Science of Engineering 76h  Science of Engineering 68h 
Languages & Legal, Human, Economic and Social Sciences 76h  Languages & Legal, Human, Economic and Social Sciences 76h 
    Professional Training:
8 weeks minimum
Advanced Mechanics 71h  Professional Training:
16 weeks minimum
System Design 96h     
Options: 80h     
- Advanced Mechanics/ Elastomers/ Plastics & Composites      
- Sustainable Design      
- Bio mechanics      
- Energy and Environment      
Final year project 160h     
Languages & Legal, Human, Economic and Social Sciences 120h     


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Programmes for International Students


On  graduation, after completing my work experience, I was recruited by Assyem, a sub-contractor of Airbus. I was lucky enough to be able to work  on the A350-1000 project as an aeronautical  design engineer.  My task was to design support systems that would work with hydraulic, electrical or structural systems within the central core of the plane. These supports had to maintain the various system, while transmitting the structural forces. 
What I love about my job is coming up with new ideas and solutions, but also to know that I am contributing to a greater whole, when working on  a  project as ambitious and important as the A350.

Target Careers

  • Consulting Engineer 
  • Technical expert
  • Research and development Engineer
  • Production manager, Operations manager
  • Manager of maintenance, testing, quality and security