Engineers on Polytech abroad

It is  part of the curriculum to have an experience abroad, either working or studying in order to obtain the engineering degree.

Studies abroad

Partnership agreements exist between our graduate school and a large number either of Universities abroad. The classes are taught either in the local language, in French or in English. Exchange agreements are awarded by a jury and made official by a learning agrement. 
In order to assist the exchange student’s experience, language lessons in the partner universities are also offered. These classes form part of the study contract.
Students who partake in these programmes may also have the right to scholarships  and allowances from organisations such as Erasmus.
Studying and living abroad is an essential part of education. It strengthens professional skills, improves language and broadens minds.

Internships abroad

The opportunity to be able to work overseas is a real plus for making a student employable. Opportunities to work abroad are numerous thanks to our network of professors and researchers, to the alumni data base and to personal contacts.  The period of work experience can take place within an institution, a company or a government organisation.


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