Relations with professionals and companies

Our engineering course appreciates the necessity to maintain close ties with the professional world.
We encourage our students - throughout their studies - to create, maintain and develop in this direction.

A real connexion to the Professional world

Around 25% of our teaching staff are also practicing professionals. Our joint research platform that we share with Industrial organisations are important active and participating links for our students with the professional world.

Final year student projects and internship

Companies entrust our engineering students with technology transfer projects. Beyond the minimal 28 weeks of internships undertaken each year, over 140 hours is spent per student working under the supervision of professionals.

“Forum Entreprise” – University Business Forums and Conferences:

Companies contribute to these exchange events, giving the students precious insight as to the profession in general as well as available career paths and opportunities.
The pedagogical and policy orientation of Polytech Tours is formed in consultation with companies who help advise and thus enlighten the graduate school of engineering body on strategic decision making.

These collaborative ventures between Polytech Tours and its partners are validated by formal agreements with the Polytech Group, thus giving these partnerships greater force and support.

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