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Financial aspects

The tuition fees of the International Research Master program are of 3200€ for the whole year for the candidates that can provide, at the moment of their final registration, an official certificate attesting that they have found an internship in a research lab. If the certificate is not provided the tuition fees are of 5200€ but in that case an internship will be provided together with an internship gratification of 2000€.

You need to have a financial help? There are several ways…

  • Find a grant: There are a lot of programs to do so. Here is a list of possibilities..
1. Look to the CAMPUS France website which provides with some useful help even on financial aspects. A list of grant programs is also available depending on your country. Don’t hesitate to apply!
2. There are some Regional grants (distributed via the University of Tours) which can be allocated upon application:
• Grants for the 1st semester: two scenarios:
1. regional ordinary grants, grants of about 500€/month for the duration of the first semester;
2. regional cooperation priority areas (see list below), grants of about 625€/month for the duration of the first semester. Depending on the year there can be some extra grants, according to funded research projects and specific actions (ex. between 2013 and 2016 some specific funds, focusing Tamil Nadu incoming students, are available via the ARCUS project).
Any candidate accepted to the International Research Master program can apply. Applications are done after the acceptance notification to the program.
• Grants for the 2nd semester (internship):
- Erasmus Internship grants: if your internship is in a lab located in Europe, then you can apply to Erasmus grants. The grant is about 350€/month for the duration of the internship and can be received even in the case of a granted internship. Applications are done in Tours at the beginning of the academic year.
- Mobicentre : if you are less than 30 years old and are a national of an European country (or a national from another country but in the Region Centre since 2 years), then you can have a grant of 240€/month if you do your internship outside Europe. It is of 170€/month if your internship is in a European country. Applications are done in Tours at the beginning of the academic year.

Regional cooperation priority areas: Germany: Saxe Anhalt; Poland: Malopolska, Czech Republic: Pardubice; Mali: Mopti; Mauritania: Gorgol; Morocco: Meknès Tafilalet Region; China: Hunan; India: Tamil Nadu; Laos: Luang Prabang. 

  • If you are accepted to the International Research Master program then you will be able to apply to student financial help for accommodation (ALE) (1% to 50% of the rent cost, see here for more details). Save money on your accommodation!

  • Find a student accommodation (about 120€/month)!

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